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Dried Seaweed Available In 100/50/10 Sheets Packs

Dried Seaweed Available In 100/50/10 Sheets Packs

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Today, we introduce a premium, dried seaweed from Wando Island.

Wando Island is located at the southernmost tip of South Korea.

This island region is famous for its mineral-rich waters, as the ocean bed is formed by elvan rock (packed with minerals).

The nutrient-rich coastline boasts rich sea forests and premium-grade kelp & seaweed - making it a major hub for seaweed production in Korea.

Today, we offer a premium-grade, dried seaweed from Wando Island.

Simply soak the dried seaweed sheet in cold water for 10 minutes.

This seaweed has a natural, Savory taste - with a slight chewy texture!

It's perfect for making comforting, Korean Seaweed Soup ('Kim-Guk').

But don’t stop there - use it to make healthy seaweed banchans like 'Kim Munchim'.

And for miso soup.

This dried seaweed is offered in 100 sheets packet.

Store in a cool in Refrigerator- away from sunlight. 

Keep Seaweed in Deep Fridge to increase the shelf life of product.
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