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Introducing Dashimachonbok, filled with the vitality of Wando.


I am Yang Hee-mun, the CEO of Dashimachonbok Fishery Corp.Dear respected and beloved customers, Thank you for visiting us.As I am a native Wando Island, the island of health, surrounded by the pristine ocean, I have been working for the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives for about the last 30 years.

We hold the firm belief that if producers and consumers could enter into a transaction based on mutual trust, distribution cost can be reduced, leading to mutual benefit.The fishermen community, Dashimachonbok, began the direct sale of abalones fed only with kelp, a nutrient-enriched seaweed.

“Dashimachonbok”will treat each customer like a family member by respecting their rights, delivering trustworthy products, and ensure product freshness.We encourage everyone to seek out our brand so that you can receive the best in product value.In addition, we offer you the chance to meet the product which we carefully selected comprehensive specialty product of healthy island Wando sea, and please add pleasure of shopping in "Dashimachonbok Fishery Corp.". Thank you

CEO of Dashimachonbok Fishery Corp from Wando, the Island of Health

Yang Hee-moon

  • 2004

    Establishment of Dashimachonbok online and offline


    Establishment of Dashimachonbok Fishery Corporation with fishermen


    Launched supply of products on online shopping malls (Post K Mall, Suhyup Shopping, Wando E-shop)


    Attainment of USD 3 million in export of abalone to Japan

  • 2014

    Acquirement of licensure for manufacturing and sales of processed foods, including soy-stewed abalone.Currently Supply of products on open markets


    FDA CertificationSold at Incheon International Airoirt DutyFree Shop12 Completion of registration for manufacturing and processing facilities in Vietnam and China, completion of construction inspection of extension of processing factories, HACCP certification

  • 2019
    HACCP plant completedChina, Vietnam, Thailand factory registrationFDA-registration, export to the U.S.INNOBIZ, selected as a venture companyDesignated as Jeollanam-do Small Giant Enterprise
    Aquatic Product Brand Grand Prize from the Ministry of Oceans and FisheriesDesignated as a company for special military service in 2020


    Small Giant Company of Korea